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Valentine’s Day is around the corner so here are ten books for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a cheesy holiday but it’s pretty cute to cut out hearts and print Valentine cards with kids.

Here is this year’s list of ten books about Valentine’s Day and love we currently have out of the library.

We read these while drinking hot chocolate, stuffing our face with popcorn balls and snuggling under blankets.

It’s the only way to beat mid-February right?

Hug Machine

by Scott Campbell

Children's Books - Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

What out for the hug machine!  This little guy hug himself all over town.  No one can resist his hugs.  He hugs everyone and everything.  His hugs calm people down and cheer people up.

He hugs square things and soft things, square things and impossible things (how does one hug a blue whale?).  But what happens when he is all hugged out?  His mom can hug him.  The hug machine is always open for business!

Mirabel’s Missing Valentine

by Janet Lawler with pictures by Olivia Chin Mueller

Children's Books - Mirabel’s Missing Valentine by Janet Lawler

This is an adorably illustrated book about a shy little mouse named Mirabel.  She’s terrified of giving Valentine’s away but perseveres and crafts beautiful cards the night before Valentine’s Day.

On her way to school, she loses her Valentine’s one by one.  Each person who finds a Valentine is made so happy but realize that the cards weren’t meant for them when they hear Mirabel’s cry.

Mirabel overcomes her nerves, makes new friends and discovers that the more love you give – the more you get back.


by Ethan Long

Children's Books - Valensteins by Ethan Long

Our friends, the members of Fright Club are back in this cute Valentine story.

Fran K. Stein is busy making something and all the monsters want to know what it is.  No one can figure out what this ‘thing’ is until bunny explains that it’s a paper heart – something you give to someone on Valentine’s Day.  Is Fran in love?

What does love mean?  According to bunny, it sounds terrifying!  But Fran doesn’t care.  Love is something you feel in your heart and it’s not disgusting at all.

Love, Z

by Jessie Sima

Children's Books - Love, Z by Jessie Sima

A little robot named Z is out for a day of adventure when he finds a message in a bottle: love, Beatrice.  Z doesn’t know what love means.  None of the robots at home seem to know so he decides to go in search of Beatrice and find the answer.

Along his way, he meets so many people and animals with different answers as to what love is. When he finally finds Beatrice she tells him love is difficult to explain.  And it turns out, Z knew the answer the whole time.

Very sweet book about all the different ways we feel and express love.  Love means many things – this was a fun conversation for my little readers!

Love Is

by Diane Adams with pictures by Claire Keane

Children's Books - Love Is by Diane Adams

This is such a sweet little book about our love for our children.

A little girl finds a lost duckling and takes care of it.  Her love for her means bathing her, feeding her and waking up all through the night.  It also means letting the duckling spread her wings and fly.

It’s so simple and true.  My kids love it.

Bagel in Love

by Natasha Wing and Helen Dardik

Children's Books - Bagel in Love by Natasha Wing

My kids really enjoy this book full of pastry puns they don’t understand.

Poor Bagel loves to dance but can’t find a parter for the upcoming Cherry Jubilee dance contest.  He gets very mean responses from the Croissant, the Pretzel and the Doughnut.  But a sweet Cupcake tip taps her way into his heart and the dance contest.

Love Is My Favourite Thing

by Emma Chichester Clark

Children's Books - Love Is My Favourite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark

If you need an example of unconditional, loyal love look no further than a dog!

Plum is an adorable dog who has lots of favourite things – catching sticks, her bear, her bed – but her most favourite thing of all is LOVE.  Sometimes her excitement and exuberance gets her in trouble. But the love her family has for her always means she’s forgiven.

Duck and Hippo: The Secret Valentine

by Jonathan London and Andrew Joyner

Children's Books - Duck and Hippo The Secret Valentine by Jonathan London

This is part of a four part series about a bowtie-wearing Hippo and a umbrella-carrying Duck.  They are completely different but the best of friends.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Duck decides to get all the friends together under the ruse of being their Secret Valentine.  After all the best Valentine’s are friends.

My kids love looking for Duck sneaking away on each page.

Snowy Valentine

by David Petersen

Children's Books - Snowy Valentine by David Petersen

Jasper the bunny doesn’t know what to get for his wife Lilly for Valentine’s Day.

He walks all through the village asking animal friends what gifts they are giving. Miriam the frog has a box full of chocolate-covered flies, the porcupines are making scarves and Teagan the fox has sinister plans for Jasper. It’s the cardinal that points out Jasper has already made the perfect gift – you just need a different perspective.

Little Bear’s Valentine

by Else Holmelund Minarik and Heather Green

Children's Books - Little Bear’s Valentine by Else Holmelund Minarik

This is another book that is part of a series.  A gentle, series about a little Bear, his mom and all his forest friends.

Little Bear is excited for Valentine’s Day – especially because he wants to figure out who his secret admirer is.

Enjoy the day of love snuggling on the couch reading with your kids. And hopefully a box of delicious chocolates!  Although if your kids are like mine – you will have to keep the box of chocolates hidden until they go to bed.

Happy Reading,

Curious in Wonderland

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