Easter Books for Kids 2018

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Piggy Bunny


by Rachel Vail & Jeremy Tankard

Children's Books - Piggy Bunny by Rachel Vail

I won’t lie – I cried at the end of this book.

What makes one cry about a pig dressed as the Easter Bunny you ask?

This delightful book is about a little pig Liam who dreams of the Easter Bunny.  He practises hopping, delivering eggs and eating salad. But no one believes in him and tells him this dream is impossible.  Everyone in his life, except his grandparents.

Through some encouragement and the magic of online shopping – they help Liam realize his dream.  And finally, everyone believes in him.

Very sweet, bright fun illustrations and a grandma that reminds me of my own mum being a grandma to my kids (she would definitely help George be the Easter Bunny if that is what he wanted to be).

Bunny Bus

by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Lesley Green Withrow

Children's Books - Bunny Bus by Ammi-Joan Paquette

This is a quirky, rhyming story about the Bunny Bus hopping through town picking up enthusiastic riders along the way.

Everyone gets on board which makes hopping pretty hard and eventually leads to a full break-down explosion of carrots and Easter eggs.

All on board help get Bunny bus riding again by sharing the load and creating a very bright Bunny Bus Easter Parade.

And then George and Alice like to have their own parade too.

Ollie’s Easter Eggs

by Olivier Dunrea

Children's Books - Ollie's Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea

Part of the Gossie & Friends series, you can expect a bright little read starring little goslings with big personalities.

Gossie & Gerdie and BooBoo and Peedie are busy gathering eggs while Ollie hops around with bunny ears.  The little goslings dye their eggs bright colours which makes Ollie desperately want them. He finds each hidden egg and hides it under his blanket.  He has unwittingly created the best Easter egg hunt as well.

Fantastic for preschoolers who are so excited for the holiday that they can’t help themselves.

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

by Kimberly and James Dean

Children's Books - Pete the Cat by Kimberly and James Dean

Pete the Cat wakes up Easter morning excited for a basket full of jelly beans but instead finds a note from the Easter Bunny who needs his help.

Pete gets some bunny ears and starts collecting eggs from the hen house, painting them and hiding the eggs for his friends.  When the Easter Bunny returns, he awards Pete the Cat the #1 helper.

Children's Books - Clifford's First Easter with Flaps by Norman Bridwell

An oldie and a goodie – who didn’t love Clifford the Big Red Dog when they were kids?

In this book, Clifford is a little puppy going on his first Easter egg hunt.  It’s a lift-the-flap book which means this is a perfect one for toddlers to learn about getting ready for Easter.

Children's Books - Spot's First Easter by Eric Hill

Another oldie and goodie, babies & toddlers love little Spot and lifting the flaps in his books.

In this one, his friend Hippo and him are searching for the six eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.  It’s got math, a hidden Easter bunny and a present for mama at the end – is there anything Spot can’t do?

The First Egg Hunt

by Adam & Charlotte Guillain

Children's Books - The First Egg hunt by Adam and Charlotte Guillain

This was a fun discovery this year.  In a rhythmic rhyme, we learn the story of Easter Bunny and his friend Chick who prepare everything for Easter.  On the morning of the Easter egg hunt, Bunny gets all the credit and Chick is a bit miffed.

The next year, she makes sure that everyone knows she works just as hard.  Unfortunately, delivering the eggs proves to be a bit much.  Just when she thinks she’s made the biggest mistake, Bunny and Chick find that she has created the most exciting hunt of all.

All the woodland friends begin to praise Bunny and this time he makes sure everyone knows about Chick.

I hope you enjoy my picks for 2018 and that the Easter Bunny or his friend Chick or Pete the Cat or Ollie bring you lots of Easter goodies!

Happy Reading,

Curious in Wonderland

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