Sackville Playground

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Sackville Playground

Sackville Playground is in Corktown at the base of Sackville and King Street East.

It’s another newly built playground here in Toronto that is fantastic for kids of all ages.

Sackville Playground is surrounded by lots of cafés, coffee shops and parking.


420 King Street East

How to Get Here:

We drive and find plenty of street parking.

Subway:  Either the Coxwell or Greenwood stop

Streetcar Stop:  4143 with the 304, 503, 504 streecars passing by

Why We Like it:

It’s brand new and I like new things. It’s fenced off so you don’t have to worry about your kids randomly running into busy King street.  The play structures are great for younger kids with a toddler slide and baby swings as well as your older kids who love to climb (or is that just mine that is a monkey?).

There is a water table thing as well as gentle sprays – perfect for the hot weather.  There are benches, picnic tables and lots of trees of shady spots to sit.

This is an accessible playground.


Surrounded by grass, it has concrete, wood chips and then that bouncy rubber surface under the main structures.


Sadly none.  We went to one of the cafés down the street when we were desperate.


Sackville Playground is nearby so many incredible places to eat and drink. I would say they are more of a reason to come here than the fun slide!

Please note that with the current Covid situation – many of these food & coffee suggestions are operating on unique hours

Henrietta Lane is the sister to Gerrard’s Bodega Henriette

A café by day and a restaurant by night – they offer great coffee, pastries, quiches, smoothies and sandwiches.

They might also just serve you Irish cold brew which is DELICIOUS.

394 King Street East

Super friendly coffee shop that serves amazing coffee (pretty sure they are Detour beans).

Lots of great snacks that have Asian influences that are delicious.  And Matcha iced coffee that is YUM.

368 King Street East

Oh my gosh the goodness that lives here.  Although during Covid – they are only open for pre-orders and set times.

But during normal times:  YUMMY.  Earl grey soft serve and their cake cups are AMAZING.

362 King Street East

Reyna on King

This corner restaurant is a gorgeous spot that offers fantastic take-out for a bit of a fancier time at the playground.

They offer picnic baskets with wine or you can order off their menu.  I love their salad bowls and Lebanese tacos.

They are open later afternoon so great for an evening play.

345 King Street East

Who doesn’t love Terroni and Italian food?

You can pick up pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches plus groceries if need be.  They serve arancini (risotto ball deliciousness!) as well as panzerotti (Fridays only).

I’m quite hungry now and those bomboloni are amazing.  Have you ever tried one?  It’s fancy Italian for the best donut ever.

22 Sackville Street

I hope you enjoy this playground as much as we do!

Happy Adventures,

Curious in Wonderland

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