Three Books of the Week

Apr 15, 2017 | Kids Books | 0 comments

Here are my three fun discoveries for the week:


by Scott Magoon

I can’t remember how I found this book but I suspect by the content – somewhere in my research into books about mindfulness. I definitely don’t practice mindfulness or meditation but like many out there, I wish I did. I’m slowly trying to figure it out and teach it to the kids. Research is showing positive attributes to kids who are mindful or meditate.

I digress.

This delightful little book is about a baby beluga (with whom George is obsessed) and his adventures of the day. Every few pages, he goes to the surface of the water to breathe. George reacts well to this book and takes a breath with the beluga.

What did we learn?

That we must stop and breathe.

Why I like it:

When George gets frustrated, scared or upset at other times of the day I refer to baby beluga and get George to take a deep breath. And it works in calming him down!

How Many Legs?

by Kes Gray

Both the author and illustrator are award-winning and it really is a delightfully fun book about counting. A little boy has a polar bear over to tea and that is when the fun of counting legs begins. Other guests include an octopus, a pig, and even a maggot (which adds no legs to the party).

This is a great counting picture book that, for whatever reason, George is obsessed with. Now I don’t mind reading a book a few times if it’s fun to read with little details in the illustrations, which this one has, but it does get a bit trying after reading it ten times in a row. I think any book does. But if your child requests a book over and over again, it must be good (well, there are some books that are terrible and those ones may or may not find a home hidden in a box).

What did we learn?

Math and that maggots have no legs.

Why I like it:

It’s silly, funny and imaginative. Even after reading it ten times in a row.

Leap Back Home to Me

by Lauren Thompson

I really enjoy Lauren Thompson (her Mouse’s First Series is big in our house when it comes to the seasons and I’ve already talked about another of here books here). Her stories are always simple, full of love and have bright illustrations.

In this book, we have a little frog who leaps on daily adventures from going over the daisies and the creek to over the hilltop and trees and even right up to the stars. He can leap frog as high as he pleases; and when he is done, he leaps back home to his mother who is always waiting for him.

What did we learn?

That you can follow your dreams and adventures as far as they take you and your family will always be at home when you need them.

Why I like it:

I love the sentiment that we allow/desire our kids to discover the world for themselves and that home is always there for them. Or it’s about a frog who leaps away on adventures and comes home for lunch. It’s up to you how you interpret it 🙂

Happy Reading,

Curious in Wonderland

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