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I LOVE Easter!  Which, as my mother pointed out, is odd as I am not religious in any way.

For me it’s a celebration of the arrival of spring and all the wonderful things it brings:  daffodils & tulips, bunnies and other cute baby animals, pastel coloured dresses.

Plus it’s a holiday in which my favourite mini-eggs and creme eggs are aplenty . . .

George is almost three and he definitely understands the Easter Bunny now – I made sure of it with all the books we read leading up to Easter.  But he has pleasantly forgotten about all the chocolate the Easter Bunny brought him which means I get to eat it all.  Muhahahahaha.

Anyways, here are my Easter/spring festivities choices for your little toddlers/preschoolers:

The Easter Egg

by Jan Brett

I feel this is the sort of classic Easter book you need to own so you can bring it out every year.  Jan Brett is an incredible illustrator with such attention to detail each page is a work of art.  In this story, Hoppi the rabbit is desperate to create the most beautiful Easter egg so that the Easter bunny will choose him to help with the egg hunt.  He checks out all the other rabbits who are carving elaborate eggs out of wood or creating chocolate masterpieces and decides as long as he does his best egg it won’t matter if he wins.

As he heads home to work on his egg, he finds a mother robin distraught that one of her eggs has fallen out of the nest and won’t grow.  Hoppi offers to sit on the egg to keep it warm while she takes care of her other two eggs in her nest.

You can probably guess where this leads . . . . The Easter bunny deems Hoppi’s act of courage and generosity the most beautiful thing of all and adds the cracked robin’s egg to the pile.

What did we learn?

To always do your best and that helping others is more important than winning.

Why I love it?

Although a bit cheesy, the lesson is sweet and important.  But it’s the illustrations that do it for me in this book.  I love Jan Brett!

Everybunny Dance!

by Ellie Sandall

This is a ridiculously cute book about a group of bunnies dancing, playing instruments and singing who have to run and hide when the fox appears.  As they sit quivering in fear, the fox dances around all by himself and then sheds a lonely tear.  The bunnies rush out applauding his amazing dance and they all become friends.

What did we learn?

That we are not necessarily as we appear and that friendships can be formed from the most unlikely of people (or animals in this case).

Why I love it:

Any book involving a bunny dance party is already a huge hit with me.  I mean it’s right there:  BUNNY DANCE PARTY.  It’s fun to read out loud and George loved pretending he was a bunny dancing and playing his pipe flute (something Santa brought him – what was Santa thinking?)

This is a funny read about a skunk being the assistant to the Easter Bunny.  Each page is a different step in what needs to happen before the Easter hunt.  Things like gathering and decorating eggs.  Skunk is very enthusiastic and with each task lets out his special odour with excitement.  The Easter Bunny finally figures out a solution with some clothes pins and the duo are able to get things done for Easter morning.

What did we learn?

That skunks smell.

Why I like it:

Bright, simple illustrations and a funny storyline make this an easy ‘again’ read (you know, the books that are requested again and again and again).

Here Comes the Easter Cat

by Deborah Underwood

In this one, Cat is tired of all the love and adoration the Easter Bunny gets and decides he wants the job. Unfortunately it would interfere with his nap schedule and it seems to be very hard work.  Plus he doesn’t hop. He does, however, have a motorcycle with a sidecar.  When Easter Bunny returns pooped out from one of his hunts, Cat offers to take him around on his motorcycle so he can nap.

What did we learn?

To help others.

Why I love it:

Each page is just one illustration and it’s written as if the reader is having a conversation with Cat.  It’s funny, cheeky and a fun read.

Peeop and Egg: I’m Not Hatching

by Laura Gehl

Peep is very excited for her little brother, Egg, to hatch.  But he is NOT hatching. She can’t wait to do all sorts of fun things with him like riding on the sheep or a picnicking with blueberry muffins.  He is terrified of doing any of these things and refuses to hatch.  When Peep finally gives up, Egg hatches so he can keep up with her.

What did we learn?

That you can have lots of fun with your sibling.  And that it’s okay to be afraid – you might just need a helmet to feel safe.

Why I like it:

Joyce Wan always has big, bright illustrations that are really cute.  Plus it was fun asking George about all the things he would like to do with his little sister.  This is a great book if you are expecting a second baby!

Otter Loves Easter!

by Sam Garton

A few weeks before Easter, George discovered otters at the Vancouver Aquarium and fell in love (I mean who doesn’t when they watch adorable otters holding hands and eating clams?).  We came back to Toronto and I searched for some otter books.  Lo and behold, there is an entire adorable series starring a mischievous little Otter including one entirely about Easter.

In it, Otter wakes up to see what the Easter Bunny has left him and is delighted in his loot.  He is not delighted, however, with having to share his chocolate with his friends.  It is his and why should he share?  He ends up eating all his treats and wakes up sick and sad: realizing what he’s done.  He then goes on a mission to give his friends the best easter egg hunt ever.

What did we learn?

That no one likes sharing but we have to do it anyways.  HA!  Or is that just me? I hate sharing chocolate too.  He realizes that not sharing hurts his friends and he must make it up to them.

Why I love it:

Cute and cheeky little character.  Good lesson and it made me want chocolate.

Peek-A-Boo Bunny

by Holly Surplice

This is a super cute story of a bunny playing hide-and-seek with his/her friends but she/he isn’t particularly good at it.  She keeps getting distracted by balancing on logs or sniffing flowers and misses all of her friends.  They come out from their hiding spots at the end and yell “peek-a-boo”.

What did we learn?

That if you don’t pay attention and focus, you will be terrible at playing hide-and-go-seek.

Why I like it:

I love the way Surplice illustrates and each page is cute to explore with George.

These should get your little people excited about the holiday and asking every day for the Easter Bunny to come (well, they did in my house!).

Happy Reading,

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