A Pirate’s Life

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This is not a playground per se but it’s a fantastic experience for your kids we discovered last summer.

For about an hour and a half – you and your family are completely turned into pirates.  This is an immersive theatre experience which means you are all part of the play.

All of the ‘pirates’ are actors who even answer the phone like pirates.  From the moment you arrive – they speak to you in ‘pirate’, rummage in their treasure trunk for pirate clothes for you and paint your face or arms with tattoos and moustaches.  You also get your own pirate name!

Then they spend some time getting the kids to learn some pivotal pirate words before they climb aboard the Island Rogue.

Once onboard, we set sail for an hour while a tale is told about searching for treasure, etc.  The kids are encouraged to work out the puzzle and some parents will be asked to participate (don’t worry – nothing hard).  The best part is when all the kids get to shoot the water guns at the pirate trying to board the ship.

We went as a big group of friends so the adult participation was not at all tortuous or embarrassing.  All the kids LOVED the experience!

I can’t recommend it enough!


You can get a season’s pass for $49/person and this allows you to go as many times as you like (I ended up only going twice).

Otherwise it’s $27/person and free for kids under 2.

Tips are also welcome when you finish the show.


333 Lakeshore East

How to Get Here:

We drive and there is ample parking. There is a debate on whether you pay or not.  Last year we went twice and once a Pirate Life gave us a pass for parking and the other time we paid.  Therefore I have no idea.

Why We Like it:

It’s just a unique experience for kids – the theatrics are excellent.  And if you want to play afterwards you can head over to the Pirate Playground


There are portapotties.  They aren’t horrible but maybe go before you get there!


They sell beer and cider (they call it grog) this summer.

Pirate Babies
Pirate Babies
Pirate Babies

333 Lakeshore East, Toronto ON

Happy Adventures,

Curious in Wonderland

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