Three Books a Week: Ages 2-6

Aug 21, 2018 | Kids Books | 0 comments

The Mixed-Up Truck

by Stephen Savage

Children's Books - The Mixed-up Truck by Stephen Savage

I love anything Stephen Savage writes/illustrates and this book is no exception.

Each truck has its job. The crane is for lifting, the dump truck is for dumping and the digger is for digging.  The cement truck wants to help but keeps on mixing up the wrong things.  He doesn’t get cement but he does mix up a giant cake.  That’s pretty good right?

Why I like it:

Savage’s work is always simply told but full of heart and bright illustrations that the kids love.

A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

by Peggy Archer & Anne Wilsdorf

Children's Books - A Hippy Hoppy Toad by Peggy Archer and Anne Wilsdrof

In this book, a teeny-tiny toad has a great adventure that takes him from the snap of a twig to the peck of a bird to the chasing of a cricket and finally to a ride on a shoelace to take him right back where he started.

Archer has used really fun language and sounds that my kids, especially my youngest, enjoy.  She uses so many adjectives in her descriptions that it’s almost a tongue twister – Alice squeals through the book.

Why I like it:

I enjoy Archer’s use of language – it’s not quite a rhyming poem but it has a beat with sound effects dotted throughout.  Which makes it a fun read and a great listen. We like to see how the toad gets where he does and how he gets back.

Tea with Grandpa

by Barney Saltzberg

Children's Books - Tea with Grandpa by Barney Saltzberg

This is a book for all those who like me, live far away from my parents.

In this book, a little girl has tea with her grandpa each day at half past three.  They have their rituals of telling stories and singing songs, they clink their cups, and they eat a muffin.

It isn’t until the end you realize this is all being done over Facetime/Skype.

And then you might cry a little.

Why I like it

My parents live across the country from us and we make sure the kids FaceTime nearly everyday.  How lucky to have this technology when we all live so far away! I love that the grandpa has a tea party with his granddaughter each day.  I change it to grandma when reading to my kids – because my mother is the tea drinker.  And then my kids want to FaceTime after reading this story.

Hope you enjoy these picks! And as always,

Happy Reading,

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