Playground Survival: West Vancouver, B.C.

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750 17th Street, West Vancouver, B.C.  (Just west of Ambelside Park – a fantastic beach and place to walk when in Vancouver)

How to Get Here:

Ummm, I have only ever driven here.  Usually from Downton Vancouver.  So head on over the Lion’s Gate Bridge and then follow the signs for West Vancouver.

There are parking lots along the park as well as free street parking.

I am sure you could take transit but if you are a tourist in the city, I would say it’s probably difficult to get to via public transit.

Why We Like it:

So many reasons!  When I lived in Vancouver, I used to come to Ambleside Park to walk my dogs all the time.  Now with kids it’s so much fun to come to this playground and beach.

The main reason we love it is because it is a stunning playground. You have Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver, and the gorgeous Burrard Inlet to stare at while you push your kids on the swings.

The playground itself is visually beautiful – using wood that blends in well with the beach and driftwood behind it.  This playground looks like it just belongs here.

It has this incredible ship and house that looks like the type of beachwood fort kids build in fairytales.  There are swings, slides (those weird rolling ones that go with the speed of your child), spiderwebs, a train and a splash pad in the hot summer months.


Sand (and not gross sand!).


Public bathrooms nearby.

17th Ave and Argyle Ave, West Vancouver


Hands down one of my most favourite places to eat in Vancouver and a short walk up the hill from the playground.

Good coffee?  Check! (and homemade lemonade and iced tea)

Good pastries?  Double Check!!

Good sandwiches, quiches, pies, etc?  Check Check Check!!!

But the pièce de résistance?


It’s so good. I am drooling now just thinking about it and am quite sad I am across the country and can’t eat it RIGHT NOW.

They have bathrooms and high chairs a plenty – so a great option with the kids.

1533 Marine Drive

Not to far from John Lawson on a corner is this café.

It’s perfect for grabbing a tasty coffee (J.J. Bean Roasters) and baked goods – always baked from scratch in store.  Or even a panini.

Their baked goods are so good they now have a cookbook (so possibly a good sign their stuff is yummy?).

Lots of room for strollers to manoeuvre and clean bathrooms.

1495 Bellevue Ave

I miss Vancouver on bright and sunny days (especially when they are enjoying cherry blossoms and we are still under snow in Toronto) and truly wish I could take my kids to this lovely playground more often.

Actually, I just wish I could get some of that lemon buttermilk pie more often.

Do you have a great playground you think I should explore?  We are travelling to Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI this summer so I need ideas!

Happy Adventures,

Curious in Wonderland

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