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by Chris Barton with pictures by Louis Thomas

Children's Books - 88 Instruments by Chris Barton

In this story, a little boy is faced with the daunting task of choosing which instrument he would like to learn.  There are squeezy ones (an accordion) or wheezy ones (a bagpipe) or  simple and easy ones (a triangle).

In the end, the clear plink plunk of the piano wins him over.  And although it has so many keys (88 to be precise), he has confidence that he can learn this instrument one note at a time.

Why I like it:

Now that George is four, we have decided to put him in piano or violin lessons (you know, my husband being Chinese and all.  HA!  JK – although music is really important to the Tiger Parents out there.  But I have my own dreams of kids who can fiddle their way onto the Riverdance stage.), so this book is great to talk about all the instruments and what sounds they make.


by Jon Agee

Children's Books - Life on Mars by Jon Agee

A little astronaut has travelled to Mars to find life.  Everyone thinks he is crazy, but he is sure that there is life on Mars and he has brought them chocolate cupcakes.

Walking around the planet, he can’t find life anywhere.  He is oblivious to the giant martian following him.  Losing confidence, he puts down his box of cupcakes and decides everyone was right.

He is about to give up when he finds a yellow flower.  There is life on Mars!  On his return journey to Earth with his flower, finds his cupcakes have been eaten.  If only he had turned around.

Why I like it:

Both my kids really like this book.  They like playing space right now.  The illustrations are great – so simple but you can see the emotions on both the astronaut and the martian.  If you have a space-loving kid, this book is a great choice.


by Zachariah Ohora

Children's Books - The Not So Quiet Library by Zachariah Ohora

Every Saturday, Oskar and a bear named Theodore head to the library with dad (and a donut breakfast) to get some quiet reading.

This Saturday, their reading is interrupted by a five-headed monster who thinks the library is his own personal buffet!  Just before they eat the duo, Theodore entices them with donuts.  And Ms. Watson the librarian steps in with an announcement that story time will begin.

 “Please sit criss-cross applesauce!”

The monsters discover how good both donuts and story time can be and apologize for making a mess of the library.

Why I like it:

I enjoy the randomness of this book and the love that all the characters have for the library.  George loves the monster aspect.  I also enjoy the hipster dad depiction.  I can’t help but wonder if Ohora drew himself.

Hope you enjoy these picks! And as always,

Happy Reading,

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