Three Books of the Week: Belly Laugh Books

Apr 14, 2018 | Kids Books | 0 comments

Bunny’s Book Club

by Annie Silvestro and Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Children's Books - Bunny's Book club by Annie Silvestro

This is a delightful book that celebrates the love of reading.

Bunny adores books ever since he first heard the librarian reading stories outside to kids.  But when the weather gets cooler, story time moves back into the library and Bunny just can’t live without books.

He figures out a way to get into the library at night and starts bringing stacks of books home to his den.  As he reads through the night, his friends start to wonder what he could be doing.  Soon he introduces Porcupine, Bear and more to the library at night.  They spend their nights reading up on their favourite subjects.

But what will happen when the librarian discovers these night time visitors?

Why I like it:

I love that it shows the magic of books and how they can open up the world to you. Mai-Wyss’s whimsical illustrations make it even more lovely.

The final illustration has inspired George and I to form the “Mummy and George Bookclub” complete with cupcakes when he needs some one-on-one mama time.  It’s been really sweet.

Children's Books - There's a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

It so frustrating for little mouse when he discovers a bear sitting in his favourite chair.  Why won’t the bear leave? What will mouse do?

Why I like it:

My kids are loving this book and I must say it’s pretty fun and witty.  It’s got a rhyming text with hilarious touches like the bear dressed as Elvis.

Panda Pants

by Jacqueline Davies and Sydney Hanson

Children's Books - TPanda Pants by Jacquelle Davies

Little Panda wants pants.  But his dad (or his mom?) is trying to explain that pandas don’t wear pants.  Little Panda has so many reasons he wants pants:  they will keep him warm, they have pockets and they are soft. When he does finally get a pair of pants, he finds a better use for them then he could ever imagine.

Why I like it

George thinks this book is hilarious and Alice loves anything pandas.  It’s fun and quick dialogue with a great little lesson in quick thinking.

Hope you enjoy these picks! And as always,

Happy Reading,

Curious in Wonderland

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