Three Books of the Week: Olympics Meet Chinese New Year

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Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas

by Natasha Him & Grace Zong

Children's Books - Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas by Natasha Yim

As you can guess from the title, this is a twist on the classic fairytale with some Chinese New Year Themes.

Goldy Luck’s mom sends Goldy Luck to the Chan’s with a plate of turnip cakes to wish them a Kung Hei Fat Choi.  I’m going to assume you know the story so it will come as no surprise that Goldy Luck finds some hot and not-so-hot congee (the Chinese version of porridge), some chairs to test out, and some beds to take a nap in.

The Chan’s turn out to be a family of pandas and when Goldy is discovered she races home.  Feeling badly for what she’s done, she returns to their home with some fresh congee and helps them make turnip cakes (she may have dropped them on her hasty exit).

What did we learn?

Even when you have done something bad or hurt someone’s feelings, you can always do something to make it better.

Why I like it:

George is really into fairytales recently and this one is a fun, and culturally educational, twist!

Tacky and the Winter Games

by Helen Lester & Lynn Munsinger

Children's Books - Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester

Tacky the Penguin is the star of a series of books and this one focuses on the Winter Games (aka the Olympics).

Tacky and his friends (Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect) train in preparation for the competition.  Although Tacky doesn’t quite train the way the others do – while they are on a strict diet, he eats junk food and while they get their rest, he stays up watching television.

He leads his team into a disqualification in the bobsledless race and accidentally defrosts his skis (frozen fish) for the ski jumping.  Will he find redemption in the speed skating event?

What did we learn?

We learned about aspects of the Winter Olympics like the medals, team events and all the training athletes have to do to get ready.

Why I like it

It’s pretty funny with Tacky being the least qualified athlete for winter games  (Elizabeth Swaney anyone?) and yet coming out ahead.  It’s a great book to read while watching the Olympics.

Bunnies on Ice

by Johanna Wright

Children's Books - Bunnies on Ice by Johanna Wright

We are a bit obsessed with figure skating in our house right now (even the Engineer loves Tessa & Scott) as well as skating itself (George has just started skating lessons and it’s ridiculously cute) so this book is perfect for us.

A bunny family loves to skate, especially the little girl who is a champion ice skater.  She waits patiently through spring, summer and fall for the conditions to be just perfect.  She eats a big breakfast, wear lots of layers and performs for her biggest fans (the birds in the trees).  Her performance may not be perfect but she has a great support team and lots of hot chocolate.

What did we learn?

The value of patience, the seasons and what it takes to be a champion (self-confidence).

Why I like it:

The illustrations are really sweet and bright with simple wording.  And as we like skating it’s a great read before and after we hit the ice.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,

Curious in Wonderland

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