Three Books of the Week: Ages 3-7

Aug 10, 2017 | Kids Books | 0 comments

Books of the week:

Dinosaur Kisses

by David Ezra Stein

Children's Books - Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein

This is an adorable book about a little dino named Dinah who, after emerging from her egg, discovers a world in which she loves to stomp, chomp and whomp.  She notices two little insects (or I think they are insects – I’m not a paleo pro) kissing and decides she would like to kiss too.  Unfortunately for Dinah, it doesn’t seem she has found the right kissing partner and accidentally chomps on a Bronto bum and eats an unidentified dino (again, I am not a paleo pro).  She almost gives up hope until her brother emerges from his shell and they discover just how much fun kisses can be.

What did we learn?

Ummm, clearly not about dinosaurs.  But I think the message of ‘you aren’t alone’ is somewhere in this book.  And the love siblings can have for each other.

Why I like it:

It doesn’t have a ton of text so it’s fast to read (bahahaaa) as well as fun to talk about the pictures.  We like to make the sound effects of stomping and chomping.  But mostly I love it because it cracks George up.

No More Bows

by Samantha Cotterill

Children's Books - No More Bows by Samantha Cotterill

This vintage-y book about Milly and her dog Hugo is pretty adorable.  I say vintage-y because the illustrations are reminiscent of 1960’s Golden Books which I love.  Milly is a sweet redhead who is best buds with her dog Hugo.  Hugo plays tea party and house and dress-up with the patience of a saint and is so relieved when it’s time to go for a walk.  He races to get his leash but stops short when he sees what Milly has planned for him:  a big red bow.

No matter how many bows Hugo manages to destroy, Milly replaces each and every one of them until the day Hugo has had enough.  He runs away from home but quickly realizes his mistake when he spots another dog with her girl.  Hugo finds a compromise he can be proud of and realizes that the love of Milly is the greatest thing of all.

What did we learn?

We learned about compromise and what you will do for the people that you love.

Why I like it:

I like any book with a spunky redhead and Milly fits the bill!  George thinks it’s really funny and we joke about getting bows for our own dogs.  Plus I love the style of pictures.  All in all – a great book to read to your 3-7 year old!

Farmer Clegg’s Night Out

by Peter Bently and Jim Field

Children's Books - Farmer Clegg's Night Out by Peter Bently

This rhyming romp (see what I did there?) is very Britain’s (or America’s) Got Talent but at the farm and in book form complete with a bull named Simon who is a grouchy judge.  While Farmer Clegg sleeps, all his animals gather at the barn for an epic talent competition with pigs that mariachi and a hip-hop dancing horse.  The star of the night ends up being Farmer Clegg himself who sleepwalks into the barn.

What did we learn?

Urm, we learned what sleepwalking means (sometimes it’s okay to not have lessons right?).

Why I like it

I like rhyming books when trying to read to both the baby and the preschooler – the rhyming seems to keep the eleven-month old’s attention while the three year old thinks a hip-hip horse is hilarious. Plus it’s a pretty amusing take on pop culture and one of our favourite summer shows.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,

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