Three Books of the Week: Giddy Up Cowboy

Jul 10, 2017 | Kids Books | 0 comments

In the spirit of the Calgary Stampede that we are enjoying this week (albeit via the rodeo highlights on television – I’m not crazy enough to take my 3-year old to an afternoon rodeo in thirty degree heat!), we have been reading some books about cowboys (and one very adorable cowgirl).

Rodeo Red

by Maripat Perkins

Children's Books - Rodeo Red by Maripat Perkins

This is a pretty adorable story about a little girl (Rodeo Red) and her beloved partner Rusty (her stuffed dog).   One day the terrible Sideswiping Slim (her baby brother) arrives in town and steals Rusty.  Little Red must figure out how to get Rusty back without being sent to the holding cell (time out chair) by the Sheriff (mom) and her deputy (dad).

What did we learn?

We learned a ton of cowboy talk: “sawing logs” “dadburnit” “git” “greenhorn riding a bucking bronco”.

Why I like it?

It’s a very clever take on sibling rivalry with a spunky little hero.  The language is funny, albeit difficult to say quickly – although you definitely don’t want your kids to suddenly speak with terrible grammar!

Cowboy Bunnies

by Christine Loomis

Children's Books - Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis

I’ve had this book in our library for a while – ever since George was just a baby – and I love it.  George loved it so much it was relegated to the hidden book section of our bookshelf (aka in the closet) just to give ourselves a break.

It’s a sweet rhyming story about little cowboy bunnies and what they do all day.  My favourite part is that they all go home to their cowboy mamas and sing lullabies.

Why I like it:

I find that rhyming and lyrical books are best for babies and their teeny tiny attention span.  This one is just a lovely little night time read for snuggles and kisses.  Plus it works for both Alice and George which is nice.

Children's Books - Let's Sing a Lullaby by Jan Thomas

This is a new favourite in our house.  We like many of Jan Thomas’s books because of their clear, bright simple illustrations and that each one always has lots of anticipation (George really loves anticipation in books at the moment).  In this story, a ‘brave’ cowboy is singing his cows to sleep but keeps on getting spooked by bears or other scary things that end up being sticks or his cows.  Just as he is finally realizing there is nothing to be terrified of, a wolf happens upon them.

What did we learn?

All about anticipation and facing your fears.

Why I like it:

Thomas always writes with silly humour so it makes for easy reading again and again and again.  This was the first book that George started to ‘read’ on his own – as in he has memorized it and can tell me what each page says.

I’ve got to mosey on down to the corral now (the playground) and burn off some pent up cowboy energy but I hope you enjoy these picks!

Happy reading to you, until we meet again . . . . happy reading to you, keep smiling until then . . . .

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